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- For you and your clients

We have since the early beginning in 2006, worked very close to architects, interior designers and brand owners, who represent about 90 % of your clients. Our sales team, production and shipping has been set-up to manage, support and deliver.

We have our own assembly facilities, from where we ship world wide. Our subcontractors are located very close by and we have a long, trusted and close relationship.

As an additional service we are able to offer customised colours for larger orders and also develop tailor-made design solutions and concepts for our customers. and since we are more or less self-producing the lead time on this are realtivly short.

As we know how importent deadlines are - WE NEVER MISS OUR DEADLINES

Call us +45 7022 8085 or mail us: info@eleanorhome.dk for further information.


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  • Big orders

    On bigger orders, we pack only on heavy-duty recyclable wooden pallets. - It also protect the goods from breaking.

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  • Single orders

    Cardboard boxes are made from recycled paper - FSC licensed only.

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  • Packing filler 100% biodegradable

    Made from corn granules.

    -Dissolves in water in minutes.

    You can use it as fertilizer for plants.

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  • PVC free tape

    Packing tape is PVC free and made of plain paper grade  formed 100% by virgin pulp.

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  • Quality controle

    All our lamps are packed on our own facility.

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* On rare occasions we use bubble plast for wraping goods, it's of 30% recycle plast. - Our delivery notes are 100% paper pockets.

We try to optimise our way of shipping all the time. Always seeking to make our shipments less hard on nature and more sustainable. Using recyclable parts and elminating the use of non-biodegradable parts. 

  • Stock and production time

    Since we are more or less

    self-producing. Our

    leed time is under 6 weeks.

    -if we are sold out.

  • Downloads

    - All our lamps have 2D & 3D files

    - All our models have Data Sheets

    - All our models have download ready

    high resolution pictures.

  • CE and IPX3 Certifications

    All our lamps have CE Certification

    authorised and approved by

    CE -representative.

    All outdoor lamps have IPX3 Certification. 

    All our lamps are class-II lightings. - Ask us for documentations.