We only do lamps now.. luckily

Eleanor Lighting is a family-owned business established in Copenhagen in 2006, at that time we where called Eleanor Home... we still are, but slowly changing it to Eleanor Lighting, since we only make lighting now.

We started with a small range of our own home accessories. Towels, bedlinen, picture frames scented candles, tea, key rings, notebooks, tote bags, chairs, sofas, tables etc.

In 2006 our first lamp Pandulera was born and sold to our first large client, a coffee chain.

(Pandulera is our biggest selling lamp today).

From 2008 to 2013 we expanded to furnitures, but it was the lighting that made most sense to us and we decided in 2013 to only focus and grow our lamp collection. Today we have 23 models and have sold our lamps to more than 1500 clients in 80 countries across the globe.

It became one of our main goals to honor the Danish craftsmanship and NOT just Danish design!! It has been vital for our company since the first lamp rolled out from our assembly facilities in 2006, to manufacture EVERYTHING In Denmark when possible. We feel the Danish craftsmanship and quality are just as important as the design itself. 

- We haven't moved an inch !

The inception of our lamp production involved three purposeful decisions

1. To honor not just the Danish design inheritance, but maybe even more the proud production behind it, - by only use skilled danish craftsmen.

2. Making hight quality lamps that could last now and for years to come - production and design wise. (we have close to zero returns due to faulty production).

3. Reducing our carbon footprint while doing so. - 95% of all parts used in our lamps are produced in Denmark.! (This was in 2006)


- We haven't moved an inch !

  • Since 2006 our main focus has been:

    1. Making solid, wellcrafted evergreen design that will last now and for years to come.


    2. Producing only with local labor to support the skilled craftmanship and heritage of danish design and production.


    3. Protecting our environment while doing so.

  • Our philosophy is to make timeless, evergreen lamps that add impact and atmosphere to any kind of environment. We have committed ourselves to only sourcing the best suppliers and manufacturers available; our high-quality Danish designs are produced locally in Denmark, using traditional handcraft and skilled craftsmen. We source from within the EU when we cannot find what we need on the Danish market. An added benefit of our local focus is that we are able to reduce our CO2 footprint considerably, as our main suppliers and our manufacturing facility and warehouse are located close to or within a few hours drive from our headquarters in the outskirts of Copenhagen.

This is how we pack & ship

We try to optimise our way of shipping all the time. Always seeking to make our shipments less hard on nature and more sustainable. Using recyclable parts and elminating the use of non-biodegradable parts. 

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