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Made in Denmark

True quality has no fear of time!

When we started ELEANOR HOME (now Eleanor Lighting), one of our main goals was to honor the Danish craftsmanship and NOT just Danish design!! It has been vital for our company since the first lamp rolled out from our assembly facilities in 2006, to manufacture EVERYTHING In Denmark when possible. We feel the Danish craftmanship and quality are just as important as the design itself. That is why our return of lamps due malfunction is less than 1 % !!! – 95% of all parts used are MADE IN DENMARK! (the rest is sourced within the EU) - that is quite an achievement and it has been a long struggle to get there, ( we statede this process from day one in 2006 )- but worth every bit of the way. – We have reduce the amount of CO2 footprint significantly and we keep on striving to keeping the planet a better place to be, both in terms of production, shipping and in general business values. All our lamps are CE-certified .

Made Locally

Today, we are proud that 95% of all parts used in our lamps are produced in Denmark. We source from within the EU when we cannot find what we need on the Danish market. This local focus not only allows us to keep a tight control of our quality and flexibility in our production, it also reduces our carbon footprint considerably. Our lamps are made by highly skilled, local craftsmen, who are all located within a few hours reach from our headquarters in Charlottenlund, in the outskirts of Copenhagen. They are then assembled, packaged and shipped from our manufacturing facility and warehouse in the north of Denmark. Our meticulous processes enable us to boast that we have close to no returns due to malfunctioning products or damage during transportation.

Material Library

Across all our 23 lamp models, we basically use the same materials.

We use aluminium, as it's very recyclable. it's the most abundant metal on earth. It's very reliable metal to use when it's come to outdoor usage. It doesn't rust and has minimum of corrosion. We Only use recycled and lead free aluminium and under the RoHS directive.

We use anodized aluminum to our joint system and collars to increase the subject/surface hardness and wear resistancemore.

We use textile wire for indoor use only and of very high quality - we only use copperwire.!

- for outdoor use, we also only use copper for electrical conductors but in a silicone wraped wire. We only use ceramic bulb socket and only E27 socket

- All our lamps are CE- certified by authorized representative. All outdoor lamps are (IPX3) approved.


Our lamps are carefully 

hand-painted with a very 

strong anti-UV-coating and 

wet-paint, and are specially 

designed to resist the tough 

danish weather 

(lots of rain, snow, wind 

and salt water). 

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