Why do we produce in Denmark?

Needless to say that producing in Danmark is expensive, it's not a big producing country, the numbers of subcontractors are low and difficult to find. Production cost is high. So why do we insist in the Danish manufactoring.?

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Nordic Barn project

Sometimes we get really lucky!!
It’s truly a spectacular and mind blowing private housing build by architect Bruno Jakobsen for him, his wife Dorte their two kids, a dog and a bunch of goats. Packed with outstanding quality in materials and excellent taste. – We are very humble and thankful to be chosen to this project.! – and you should check out villa Brink – The Nordic Barn House Project in Randers, Denmark. -

Our Picco Barn Lamp, Hercules Hook & Globe Light are used for this project.

Nordic barn project

You know Hoalen ?

- If not, you will soon.!

Such a cool brand.. HOALEN - French surf/sea/sailor clothing brand on the rise. Located by the rough atlantic coast. 13 stores across france. Awesome taste and a very likeable sustainable approach to making clothing.


We are changing our name

Since our beginning in 2006, we have been called Eleanor Home... we still are, but we are slowly changing it to Eleanor Lighting. Because we only make lighting now and haven't made Home accessories for quite a while.

Everthing is the same... same people, same company, same lighting.

We have kept almost the same logo, as we like it.!

- You can read more of our beginning and the changing of our name her.

New Website

Yes.. We have made a new website ! - to be honest.. the old one was .. old.! So we made a new one, with a webshop and a bit more user friendly. We hope that you will visit us more often now, and perhaps check out our new webshop her.

Eleanor Lighting & Hauser Wirth

40 of our Barn Lamps in bold custom red colour at the new Hauser & Wirth art center at Menorca (Isla del Rey)

Architect Luis Laplace, was the one that made it happen for us. We are thanking you for trusting us the outside lighting for this magnificent project.! -

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Fanø Krogaard

The essens of 'hygge'

Both our Globe light and Pico barn lamps on the newly renovated facade of this cool little hotel at  the little island FANØ (fanoe) placed by the North Sea and the Wadden Sea – So gently restored with deep respect of the heritage. If you want to experience authenticity, excellent food, sleep and a glimpse what “hygge” is all about.. - really worth a visit.

Fanø Krogaard

Cantinho Do Avillez

Chef José Avillez has quite a few restaurants in Portugal, Dubai and Macau.

He is a Michelin chef.!

When He openden up CANTINHO DO AVILLEZ in Lisbon, it was with 52 of our lamps (5 different models) at his 2 floors restaurant.

So very cool orchestrated by Architect Carolina Cruz Grave from studio Astolfi 

A trip in the oven ..

twice! .. at 60 degrees. Yes, this might sound a little crazy, but since we use wet-paint and paint all our parts two times, in order to get the most resistant and nice looking surface, each and every of our lamps needs a propper drying in the oven, before next handle.

You can read more about our meticulous processes and fine handcrafted lamps under

Our manufactoring

We make every effort to minimize our impact on the environment

... and if we could, we would deliver on bike on every shipping we do.

We do our utmost to recycle and only use environmental friendly materials when shipping. Sustainability is at the core of everything we do. Rest assured that we take recycling seriously and ship with only eco-conscious materials.

How we pack and ship

We can match any color

Did you know.?

As an additional service we are able to offer customised colours for larger orders and also develop tailor-made design solutions and concepts for our customers.

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Rotterdam city hall

The Great City of Rotterdam has been enriched with a big bunch of our lamps for their city hall.

Material Library

Do you want to know more about the materials we use in our lamps?

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